Monday, November 4, 2019

2019 Fall District 10 4-H Roundup Registration Reminders

Good morning!

We wanted to pass on a friendly reminder that regular District 10 Fall Roundup Registration closes at 11:59 PM tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5, 2019.  Late Registration will be open from November 6, 2019 to 11:59 PM November 7, 2019.  Be sure to get registered soon to avoid late fees.  Also, as a reminder, Educational Presentations are a great way to compliment ANY project work and are a great opportunity to expand your learning in a project area. 

District 10 4-H Fall Roundup Information
  • The District 10 4-H Fall Roundup packet has been released and is available for download on the District 10 Page at (we are happy to print copies, as well, just let us know)
  • Fall Roundup will take place from December 4-6, 2019 in Kerrville, TX
  • If you would like help preparing for any of the contests, please reach out to us ahead of time and we will be happy to assist
  • Contests included:
    • Educational Presentations
    • Entomology
    • FCH Quiz Bowl
    • Food Challenge
    • Food Show
    • Horse Quiz Bowl
    • Livestock Quiz Bowl
    • Public Speaking

2019 Fall Roundup

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