Wednesday, May 20, 2020

2020 Texas 4-H Virtual Lead Academy - Registration closes 05/27/20

Texas 4-H Virtual LEAD Academy
The format of the 2020 Texas 4-H Virtual LEAD Academy will offer concurrent workshops over the course of two-days focused on these topic areas. Unlike the face-to-face event, this year’s Virtual LEAD Academy will be offering workshops targeting Intermediate and Senior Age 4-H members along with Adults. Many of the sessions offered however will still be targeting High School Age Youth and noted on the session descriptions. 

Registration through 4-H CONNECT is required for all sessions. Participants will receive the link to participate in the sessions June 5th via email.

No Fee Registration: May 15-27, 2020

LEAD Academy Workshop Details and Schedule (Please review before beginning the registration process on 4-H CONNECT to help you plan what workshops you would like to attend) a copy is also accessible on their website at
About LEAD Academy:
LEAD Academy is geared towards 4-H members who are currently in the 9th – 12th grades (as of the current 4-H year). Youth will have an opportunity to learn about college opportunities and what it takes to get there, serve their community, and gain valuable life skills in a true college setting. Our goal of this activity will be to provide the opportunity for young people to connect, learn, engage, lead and impact their communities, their country and their world. The event will be designed to engage youth in hands-on educational activities in which they explore, practice and master existing and newly developed skills/knowledge in civic engagement, civic education and personal development. The objective is to provide youth a broad-based learning experience in which they will acquire practical knowledge and skills to reinforce the attitudes and motivation that will give them a heightened sense of responsibility and capacity to connect as active members of their communities, nation and world. From this experience, we hope the youth attending will apply what was learned in their real world experiences in which they develop leadership skills using their voices, work, ideas and/or behavior to make a difference in their community, country and world.
Adult attendees will have the chance to connect with other volunteers and parents.  Our goal is to provide useful information for 4-H volunteers and parents so they may learn how to improve their skills as a 4-H leader in their community.  The event is designed to provide workshops that are practical and helpful to adults involved with the 4-H program.  From this experience, we hope our 4-H volunteers will be able to apply what they learn to continue to help our members grow into productive members of society that make a positive impact in their lives and communities.
*2020 LEAD Academy will look a little different. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 situation, all events held at Texas A&M University have been canceled through July 31st. This impacted our Texas 4-H Roundup/LEAD Academy event. This year our event will be a virtual experience!! We feel the information provide through our LEAD Academy is valuable and we wanted to continue to provide this opportunity to our 4-H members, families and volunteers.

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