Friday, May 22, 2020

2020 At-Large Texas 4-H Council Delegate Updates

With the release of the 2020 At-Large Texas 4-H Council Delegate list today in the County Agent “This Week in Texas 4-H” email and on social media, a few have asked what the election process will be this year since we will not have Texas 4-H Roundup. So we wanted to go ahead and share with everyone in case others were wondering the process details as well.

The candidates will be presenting their speeches and answering an impromptu question live, just like last year’s election process. The difference is they will be doing so before a small audience on Zoom, which will include the candidates, current Texas 4-H Council and the Advisors on June 1. The reason we are not opening it statewide, is Zoom is limited to the number of participants at a time. We felt the smaller group would provide for better connectivity. Should a candidate have issues with connection on their end, we have a chance to correct the situation before it is shared for others to view. We did not want connection issues causing any disadvantages for the candidates. But it will be recorded for release state wide on June 3 via our Texas 4-H YouTube channel for everyone to review the presentation and impromptu answers by the candidates prior to the Election Ballot going live June 5-8 on Texas 4-H CONNECT. We felt this option more closely replicated last year’s process vs the candidates sending in a recorded speech.  

More details to come regarding the elections process next week. The ballot will be an event on 4-H CONNECT 2020-2021 Ballot: Texas 4-H Council At-Large Election and open to any current High School age 4-H member (as of September 1, 2019). Ballots will not be approved by any level (county, district or state), they will be automatically approved at the state level once submitted just like last year’s election process.  

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