Monday, April 13, 2020

Validation Tag Order Reminder - Orders DUE 04/15/20

Good evening!

I wanted to pass on another quick reminder that livestock validation tag orders for steers, summer heifers, state fair lambs/goats, and state fair swine are DUE this Wednesday, April 15, 2020.  Please make sure that all orders are placed online or are post-marked by this date.  I will be in the County Extension Office from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon for those who need to stop by - you MUST make an appointment so we can ensure that everyone is spread out and the office does not get crowded.  Late orders will be accepted until Wednesday, May 13th, at a higher price. 

Livestock Validation Tag Orders – Steers, Summer Heifers, State Fair Lamb/Goat/Hog:

    • Reminder: there is no state validation for rabbits - if you would like to show rabbits, you will need to work on looking into the show rules and age requirements to work on purchasing rabbits and work on entries.  It is a good idea to start visiting with breeders now and as you learn more about the shows you would like to attend.  
    • Reminder: Another validation tag order will be placed in the fall for lamb, goat, swine, and heifer projects attending the spring major shows.
    • All tags for Steers, Summer Heifers, State Fair Swine, and State Fair Lambs/Goats are due to the County Extension Office (CEO) by Wednesday, April 15th at $20 each.  
      • This will be the only validation for steers - if you would like to show a steer at ANY major show, you will need to purchase tags and validate the animal(s).
      • This will be the first of 2 heifer validations - you may validate your heifer now to exhibit her in the State Fair or Heart of Texas shows or wait until the fall.  Heifers that were previously validated do NOT need to be revalidated unless they changed breed or ownership.
      • If you are planning to exhibit a lamb, goat, or hog at the State Fair or Heart of Texas Shows, you will need to purchase tags and validate the animal(s).  These animals will need to be revalidated in the fall if you would like to show them in the spring major shows.  
    • Late Tag orders will be accepted after April 15th until Wednesday, May 13th, at $30 each.  

I believe that is all for now, please let me know if you have any questions!

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