Sunday, March 22, 2020

2020 Smithville Livestock Show - Rabbit Validation and Updates

Good afternoon!

We hope you are having a fantastic weekend with your families! We wanted to pass on a couple of updates from the Smithville Livestock Show. Currently, the show is planning to proceed as usual. This may change as we get closer to the event based on the guidance of local officials, but they are planning for the show to happen at this time.

For rabbit validation, there will be no physical validation. Instead, please follow the instructions below from Mr. Hanson and Mr. Schatte:

"You MUST send an email to or by 7pm on March 23, 2020. In the email you need to distinguish the number of rabbits for each student. Along with that we need the tattoo of each rabbit. Realizing some tattoos will be the same depending on the breeder.

If tattoo doesn't match your email at the show you will NOT show.

Thank you for your cooperation."

Clarification: IF you have more than one rabbit with the same tattoos, please distinguish how many rabbits will be exhibited by the individual that have the same tattoo number.

Example email:
  •  Kid Clover: 3 rabbits

o   Tattoo 1:ABCD
o   Tattoo 2: EFGH
o   Tattoo 3: IJKL
  •  Kitt Clover: 3 rabbits

o   Tattoo 1:XYZ1
o   Tattoo 2:XYZ1
o   Tattoo 3: MNOP
o   Note - 2 bunnies have same tattoo

Please make sure that you print a copy of the email you send for your records and plan to bring it to the show with you. Please also TRIPLE check the tattoo numbers on the rabbits you have before you email them. If you need to have your rabbits tattooed, please reach out to us or one of the breeders to get them tattooed. You will need to submit what you will have them tattooed with in the email per the instructions above in order to be able to exhibit them.

Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great week!


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