Friday, February 28, 2020

2020 Texas 4-H Livestock and Equine Ambassador Applications - DUE 5/1/20

The Texas 4-H Livestock and Equine Ambassador Programs are coming off another stellar year. In 2019, we were excited to host a Livestock Ambassador Short Course in partnership with Texas A&M Kingsville. The program was an unquestioned success and we are going back in 2020! 

The Equine Ambassador Program also plowed new ground by moving the short course to Texas A&M University – a move that was very well received. In late July, 25 Ambassadors boarded a plane in Dallas headed for the west coast. We traveled to Oregon and California on an domestic agricultural experience. With visits to family farms, historic ranches, feedlot tours and various production facilities, Ambassadors were able to immerse themselves in the intense agricultural production systems of California. Ambassadors left the experience with a better understanding of dynamic agricultural production in a unique regulatory environment. As rewarding as it was for our Ambassadors to be recognized nationally, the program is successful only because of outstanding work you lead locally.

We hope you will consider applying for the Texas 4-H Livestock and Equine Ambassador program(s). Our hope is when they return from the short course, you will find them to be eager to assist us with educational programs. You will find a Texas 4-H Livestock and Equine Ambassador promotional document (CLICK HERE) that explains the program in more detail.

2020 Short Course Offering:

  1. Texas 4-H Equine Ambassador Short Course, West Texas A&M – June 14-17, 2020
  2. Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Short Course, Texas A&M Kingsville – June 22-25, 2020
  3. Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Short Course, Texas Tech/ West Texas A&M – July 13-16, 2020
  4. Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Short Course, Texas A&M – July 20-23, 2020

Selection Criteria:
  • Senior age (14-18) 4-H youth that have exhibited a superior level of ambition regarding his/her livestock/equine projects
  • Students with a profound interest in animal/equine science, animal production and advocacy
  • Students have shown advanced leadership qualities and a willingness to help others
  • Top 25% class rank

Application Process:

  1. Applicant goes to: 
    1. Livestock
    2. Equine
  2. Student will complete the application and enter the contact information of supervising County Extension Agent
  3. CEA will be automatically emailed a recommendation survey
  4. A selection committee will review the applications and accept up to 25 participants per short course
  5. Applications are due May 1, 2020

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