Friday, May 17, 2019

TPWD Kids to Parks Day - Saturday, 5/18/19

Head on Over to Bastrop State Park or Buescher State Park for a day full of fun activities! Free entrance to the park for families attending the event! And Bastrop YMCA is having Splash Day at the pool with free entrance into the pool from 1 to 6pm!
Looking for something to do on Saturday, May 18th?  Want to get your kids out of the house and have them burn off some energy?  How about giving them a fun learning experience while they do that?  Bring your family on out to Bastrop State Park for our Kids to Parks Day!!  There will be no entrance fee to Bastrop or Buescher State Park for our Kids to Parks Day so that all families can come and enjoy!!
We will have fun activities and programs through out the whole day from 9:30am to 10pm!  Come out and make some memories with your family in the Great Outdoors while learning something new!
Adventures await you, whether you choose . . .
Birding With a Pro - Guided Walk, Master Naturalist Guided Hike, Audubon Society Backyard Birds & Giveaways, Backyard Bass and Basics of Fishing with the Bullseye 4-H Club who will be raffling off free rods & reels to participants, Smokey the Bear meet and greet with the Texas Forest Service Wildland Firefighters, Local Game Warden meet and greet and the Game Thief Trailer, Wildlife Touch Table, Life Size Board Game, Full Moon Night Hike, Night Sky Program, and more!
Don't worry about the rain!  Most of the event will be held inside the historic Refectory, made by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's! 
Activities and Program Schedule Below!
  • 9:30am to 10:30am - Birding With a Pro from the Bastrop Audubon Society! Guided Walk - Bastrop State Park Refectory Parking lot meeting place
  • 9:30am to 12:30am - Birds in the Park Birding Table by the Bastrop Audubon Society! Giveaways and information! -Bastrop State Park Refectory
  • 10am to 11:30am - Discover the Lost Pines Guided Master Naturalist - Moderate 1 Mile Hike - Bastrop State Park - Playground Parking Lot meeting place
  • 10am to 11:30am - Predators of the Pines Guided Master Naturalist - Easy 2 Mile Hike - Buescher State Park - Winding Woodland Trailhead parking lot meeting place
  • 12pm to 3pm - Backyard Bass, Basics of Fishing tables, and Rod/Reel raffle giveaways with the Bullseye 4H Club! -Bastrop State Park Refectory
  • 1pm to 4pm - Smokey the Bear & Texas Forest Service! -Bastrop State Park Refectory
  • 1pm to 4pm - Texas Game Warden & Operations Game Thief Trailer - Bastrop State Park Refectory
  • 1pm to 4pm - Wildlife Touch Table - Coloring Table - Life Size Board Game - and More - Bastrop State Park Refectory
  • 5:30pm to 7pm - Canoeing 101 at Buescher State Park - Must sign up in advance; Limited Spots available. Sign up at -
  • 8:30pm to 10:00pm - Full Moon Night Hike with a Night Sky Program to follow at Bastrop State Park.  Playground Parking Lot Meeting Place
  • Hike from 8:30pm to 9:30pm 
  • Night Sky Program from 9:30pm to 10pm

 Bastrop YMCA is also having their Splash Day where there will be free entrance to the pool from 1pm to 6pm!

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