Thursday, May 9, 2019

2019 Ellis County 4-H WIldlife Challenge - 5/18/19

Ellis County 4-H Mike Edwards Memorial Wildlife Challenge Contest Outline

The Ellis County 4-H Wildlife Challenge will simulate the 4-H Wildlife Challenge held at Texas State 4-H Round-Up and covers material found within five 4-H Natural Resources projects; Wildlife Habitat Education Project (WHEP), Hunting & Wildlife project, Entomology project, Forestry project, and Sportfishing project. Contestants will have the opportunity to explore all five of these projects while preparing for the 4-H Wildlife Challenge.

Each activity may cover any of the specified information within the five 4-H Natural Resources project area resources. Contestants will need to bring a clipboard and a pencil to use during the contest. The contest will be conducted outdoors. Contestants should be appropriately dressed for the weather and field conditions (tall grass, brush, off the sidewalk, etc.). No electronic devices of any kind will be allowed to be handled at any time during the contest.

Contest Activities
Identification: Contestants will identify animals and trees from pictures or actual specimens such as leaves, fruit/nuts, skulls, skins, wings, specimen mounts, tracks, calls, etc. Contestants will identify wildlife habitat concepts, wildlife habitat components, and wildlife management practices from photos or in the field examples. Contestants will identify equipment and equipment components that may be found within any of the project resources (i.e. –fishing equipment, shooting/hunting equipment, insect collecting equipment, wildlife habitat management equipment, etc.).
Knowledge and Skills Assessment: Contestants will answer questions and perform skills found within the five project areas’ resources. The skills could include but are not limited to those needed for fishing, insect collection and display, firearm handling, forest evaluation, and wildlife habitat evaluation.

Contest material will be drawn from the specific resources listed on the 4-H Wildlife & FisheriesProjectwebpage,  After opening the webpage, choose the ‘Contests’ tab to find this information. (link below). Specimen used for the Identification activity may not necessarily be pictured within the resources.  For the Identification activity, additional resources should be used to look up and study photos/pictures, descriptions, specimen calls, etc.

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